Mother's Day is just one day in May, but a mother's love lives on for years and years.

There is one person who loves you for a lifetime, and there is one person who deserves your love for a lifetime - she is a mother. All the glory and pride of a person's life in the world comes from the love of a mother. The word "mother" touches my heart even if I just call it. I love my mother as much as she loves me.

When it comes to mothers, everyone's heart will become soft, even men will be sentimental, and they will also shed tears in front of their mothers. Perhaps you are used to your mother's love for you, but please do not forget that she was a naive young girl before becoming a mother. She lived life as she pleased, lively and laid back. I guess the first time my mother saw me must have been the most beautiful time of her life. It's just that I must have been crying non-stop at the time, so I forgot to look at my mother's most beautiful face. The age is not the thief that stole mother's youth, I am.

A mother's love is always unconditional, regardless of gains and losses, and we are growing up with this love. On May 8th, a holiday belonging to mothers, what kind of gift have you prepared for your mother? Voogme offers a website discount to welcome Mother's Day - 10% off across the web, 15% off when you buy two or more pieces.

Love is the eternal topic of human beings. Thanks to my mother, I am grateful for the beautiful affection that accompanied me all the way. Mother's Day is coming, don't forget to hug your mom. Wish every young and not-so-young mom happiness and well-being.


May 07, 2022 — Alex Wang

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