About Voogme

We are committed to providing brilliant, quality jewelry with proper price.


Our Mission

To share passion with everyone by creating conscientious moissanite jewelry.

∗ Passion for Products

Good jewelry made with good moissanite and gold.

Nowadays, people live in an era which is full of stylish atmosphere, jewelry is an indispensable part of human beings to enjoy life. Without it, life would not be so colorful. We believe that high quality jewelry will be able to magnify the pleasure of experiencing life.

Every woman wants to own a piece of brilliant, premium gemstone. Those luxurious diamonds, however, could generate to cost lots of money, which would increase the risk of bankruptcy. Even so, diamond has dominated the gemstone market and the monopoly has carried on for years without being broken.

This is one of the reasons why Voogme came to be since our opinion is fine jewelry should not be that expensive. Everyone deserves to wear gemstones and not to be restrained by the price or society’s comments.

We know that the precondition of buying any product is to examine and weigh its quality and price. Understanding the real value and true cost of the goods are crucial to customers.

We aim to offer our customers high-quality jewelry at an affordable price, but this doesn't mean we will decrease the quality. The quality of a product is the most important factor to the long-term development of a brand, especially for an online seller. To create the moissanite, we have strict quality standards to partner with European engineers who cut our moissanite by using computers and state-of-the-art robot technology.

How do we make our prices so affordable? Here’s how we do it. Better efficiency means lower prices. Our factory is located in the city of gemstones, that has great production capacity. It gives the ability that our gemstones and jewelry can be provided to our customers all over the world with the most favorable discount rate.

Since we have our own assembly line, we spend less on financial expenses that typical retail establishments can't save (such as retail store rent, counter staff, etc.). Moreover, there are no indirect costs of middlemen or retailers, so operating online is much cheaper than typical retail stores.

∗ Passion for Environment

Our craftsmanship protects the sustainable development of the environment.

Diamonds are usually associated with high costs, as the search for mineral deposits often takes decades, or even centuries, of effort and labor, which is costly. Whether it is open-pit mining or underground excavation, the human and material resources invested are unimaginable. At the same time, diamond mining has many adverse environmental impacts, including soil erosion, deforestation and ecosystem damage.

Things are changed until moissanite comes out!

Although moissanite is a natural mineral (silicon carbide), only trace amounts are found in nature. As a result, moissanite on the market today is basically lab-grown. It is often assumed that lab-grown gemstones are not as good as these that are naturally formed. In fact, the purity of the former is higher than the latter under laboratory conditions and controlled temperatures. The stones which are lower than standard quality have to be picked up by the testers. Therefore, because of the better stability in chemical structure and color, the quality is often superior to other gemstones that are naturally mined.

∗ Passion for Love

Treasure beautiful memories, only love and jewelry can be passed down. 

Moissanite has a unique origin, coming from the stars in outer space - a meteorite 50,000 years ago, that has the connotation of perseverance and eternity, giving people romantic and beautiful expectations; at the same time, the physical, chemical, and optical properties of this kind crystal gives its dazzling and beautiful appearance.

The purity of our moissanite jewelry is like the ice crystals of snow mountains, not contaminated with the slightest dust in the world. It is pure, transparent, and radiant, which can be defined as the eternal token of love and romance. When you put on Voogme moissanite jewelry, will the dazzling light remind you of your pure, true, brave, and faithful love?


A Future Full of Possibilities

As the development and innovation of scientific technology, chasing beauty has gradually not to be luxury. Due to the diversification of people’s aesthetic, the concept of jewelry is constantly expanding and changing. Moissanite comes out in time with gorgeous and colorful flashes, the phenomenon of people who are sought after the moissanite jewelry presents the general trend. We believe the road ahead of Voogme will be peerless bright. Let's look forward to the future!


What Does Voogme Stand For?

Our brand name “Voogme” originates from the word “vogue”, has the significance of conforming to the trend of the times anywhere and anytime. The reason why we add “me” after “Voog” is because we want jewelry not just to be bought as gifts, but to please yourself as well.