Voogme provides customers one-year free warranty service for silver-series jewelry and lifetime free warranty service for K-gold-series jewelry.


Warranty Terms

  1. The terms of the free warranty are limited to repair or replacement of the faulty product during the warranty period.
  2. If the SILVER jewelry is non-human damaged within one year from the date you receive the product, it is judged by Voogme to be a defective product, and a free replacement service will be provided. If the product fails outside the one-year free warranty period, the customer needs to bear the maintenance cost and shipping cost.
  3. Voogme offers customers a lifetime free maintenance policy for K-GOLD jewelry, but the shipping cost needs to be paid by customers.
  4. Whether the product is damaged under warranty or not, customers must contact Voogme to obtain repair authorization via email or Messenger, one of our representatives will provide a return address if your application is accepted.
  5. Customers need to ship the product in the original packaging or packaging with equivalent protection. After we receive the faulty product, the new/repaired item will be shipped and customers will take 12-20 days to get it.


 Non-Warranty Coverage

Voogme does not provide free maintenance service if the product is damaged due to natural disasters such as lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes, and fires.