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Our jewelry designers are willing to make your ideal jewelry. Starting with your wildest ideas, we will guide you through the creative process. From sketching to 3D modeling, and then to handcrafting beautiful jewelry, our designers will be with you every step of the way, providing you with attentive service.

Finely Crafted Jewelry with Affordable Price
With our efficient operating model, the made-to-measure jewelry of VOOGME has affordable prices and high quality. Once our jewelry designers have completed your design, we purchase the stones from the source, guaranteeing no middlemen. Our efficient way of working avoids any unnecessary costs that are not related to the jewelry itself and ensures that you get a high grade of quality at a real price.

How to custom?

1. You request, we quote

We will give the quote of the item according to the information you left, which includes your idea, photo, and the type, shape, size, etc. of the jewelry you want to customize. VOOGME always offers our customers high-quality custom jewelry at an affordable price.

2. CAD Renderings

If you accept VOOGME's quote, we will provide you with a 3D product rendering drawn in CAD software. Please do not be afraid that there will be differences between the renderings and the physical items as the former is natural enough to be close to the actual appearance of the final jewelry.

3. Handcraft Custom Jewelry

Our experienced artisans start making your custom jewelry, using traditional hand craftsmanship and quality materials to create it. VOOGME strives for excellence in all our products.

4. Finished Custom Jewelry

The final product, handmade according to your personal wishes, will be shipped to you by free business express

Learn More
Each custom project is exclusive, which follows that it is best to get advice from a jewelry consultant as early as possible. We recommend that you get in touch with our team of consultants as soon as possible. You can click to find more information in order to start your customization journey.

Get More Design Inspiration
Our designers have a lot of design work. Check out our design work at Custom Jewelry. Maybe it would help you get your own design inspiration.