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Pick and Buy Your Engagement Ring in Four Easy Steps

Jan 27,2023 | VOOGME

Every person is unique. Hobbies, interests, beliefs, preferences...... These are what make us who we are. Some people like to wear simple, loose t-shirts while others prefer tight black dresses. We try to show ourselves, through what we wear: this is not only in our clothes, but also applies to the engagement rings and bridal jewelry we wear.
You want to buy an engagement ring for your future significant other. But the next big question is how do you choose the right ring from the majority of jewelers? Which engagement ring is right for your loved one? No need to stress. We've taken you through the entire stress-free process of choosing a ring in four easy steps.

Step 1: Know your fiancée's style

Try to describe your significant other's main personality traits. You may be able to ramble on right away, but it never hurts to take stock once more. If you're planning to buy an engagement ring, remember to keep your eyes and ears open: there's a good chance you'll find inspiration in a hidden nook.
Think about her favorite movies, TV shows, or books. Does she shed a tear over a touching movie? Can your loved one name the top 10 best basketball teams off the top of her head? In your free time, does your partner enjoy visiting modern art museums or taking walks in the quiet woods?
Does your fiancée already wear rings or other jewelry? You can use this jewelry to figure out what she would like. Tip: Take a photo of the jewelry and contact us by email, or via our website's live chat. Based on your photos, we'll be happy to help you find an engagement ring that's a perfect match for your future half!

Step 2: Which engagement ring do you choose?

Every engagement ring is different. The style depends on the design of the ring, the type of gold, the shape, the color, and the placement of the moissanite. Perhaps you prefer sapphires, rubies, or emeralds? We can combine these elements to create a ring that perfectly matches your loved one's personality.

Step 3: Which color should I choose for my engagement ring?

All of our engagement rings are available in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, and rose gold colors. The ratio between all the metals determines the color of the jewelry. Regardless of the metal, we have an affordable price.
White gold is better for lighter skin tones, while yellow gold is better for darker skin tones. The beauty of rose gold is that almost everyone will glow with it. It's certainly a matter of personal preference. If your partner currently wears white gold jewelry almost exclusively, you should choose this color as well.

Step 4: Buy the perfect engagement ring

Do you know which ring is the right one? With us, you can find bridal jewelry in yellow, white, or rose gold. We also have moissanite in different carats, depending on your budget.

Start viewing our bridal jewelry now!

Browse VOOGME's engagement rings to find that perfect one, or contact us to customize your unique engagement ring. There's only one thing left to do: propose! Good luck!