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Our Story


At VOOGME, our commitment is crystal clear: to deliver exceptional, high-quality jewelry at the right price. Our journey is inspired by passion, a love for conscientious moissanite jewelry, and the belief that elegance should be within everyone's reach.


Our Mission: Sharing Passion through Jewelry

  • Passion for Products

In this era of style and self-expression, jewelry is an integral part of life's colorful tapestry. We believe that high-quality jewelry has the power to amplify the joy of living. While luxurious diamonds have traditionally dominated the market, they've often come with a hefty price tag, limiting access for many. This is where Voogme enters the scene. We firmly believe that fine jewelry should not be unattainable. Every individual deserves to adorn themselves with gemstones, unburdened by societal expectations or financial constraints.

  • Passion for Environment

Diamond mining has historically been associated with significant costs, both in terms of time and environmental impact. The exhaustive search for mineral deposits, whether through open-pit or underground mining, has led to issues such as soil erosion, deforestation, and ecosystem damage.

However, moissanite offers an alternative. This brilliant gemstone is typically lab-grown, ensuring higher purity and more stable properties. Not only does this approach reduce environmental harm, but it also provides gems of superior quality.

  • Passion for Love

Jewelry is not merely adornment; it's a keeper of beautiful memories. It preserves the essence of love, which transcends time and generations. Voogme's moissanite jewelry, born from a meteorite that journeyed through space 50,000 years ago, symbolizes perseverance and eternity. It offers a unique combination of purity, transparency, and radiance that defines love and romance. When you wear Voogme moissanite jewelry, the luminous sparkle serves as a reminder of your pure, true, brave, and unwavering love.


A Future Full of Possibilities

As technology advances, the pursuit of beauty is no longer a luxury. The concept of jewelry is expanding, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetics. Moissanite, with its dazzling and vibrant allure, aligns perfectly with the current trend. VOOGME's journey ahead is destined to shine brightly. Let's embrace the future together.


What Does "VOOGME" Stand For?

Our brand name, "VOOGME" is a fusion of "vogue," signifying the ability to adapt to contemporary trends seamlessly. We've added "ME" to "VOOG" because our jewelry isn't just about gifting others; it's about delighting yourself as well. VOOGME stands for timeless style, accessible elegance, and self-indulgence.