What do people look for when buying jewelry?

What do people look for when buying jewelry?

Buying jewelry is like going on an adventure, looking at various designs, visiting different jewelers, and trying out a variety of styles until you find a ring or necklace that makes your eyes light up. But just like organizing a trip, there are a few things you need to consider before buying jewelry, including craftsmanship, moissanite, and design.

Fine craftsmanship

When you want to buy a unique piece of jewelry, you are looking for a fine piece that will remember that special day. But most importantly, you need high-quality jewelry that will last a lifetime.
Craftsmanship is one of the most important factors to consider when buying jewelry. It ensures the high quality of the jewelry and the longevity of the materials used so that the jewelry can be passed down as a family heirloom for generations to come.

High-Quality Moissanite

Moissanite's fire color, hardness, gloss, refractive index, and other physical properties are very close to that of diamonds, and moissanite's fire color is 2.4 times that of diamonds, and its hardness is 9.25 on the Mohs scale.
Moissanite rings are much harder than zircon, cubic zirconia, etc., and can be worn for decades. Therefore, natural diamonds are not the only ones that can "last forever".
No one doubts the beauty of a diamond ring, but the price of diamonds may not be affordable to the average person, while moissanite is only one-tenth of the price of a natural diamond!
Moissanite's attributes are not inferior to natural diamonds, and it also has a significant price advantage. In terms of wearing experience, moissanite is also able to highlight the noble and elegant temperament of women and meet the needs of the majority of consumers for high-end jewelry accessories.

Buying jewelry with timeless design

Another point worth mentioning is the design. Although trends vary from year to year, there are still specific designs and styles that are timeless. By choosing a timeless design, you can be sure to get a piece of jewelry that will be eye-catching and wearable for a lifetime.
To achieve this, you can look for a piece of jewelry made by a talented designer who focuses on beauty and understanding of fashion. In a way, this will ensure that you get a fine piece of jewelry that you will treasure.
Do you want to buy jewelry? VOOGME is the ideal choice for you because we offer not only moissanite selected directly from the source but also elegant designs created by a team of designers. Don't hesitate to browse our collection or contact us for more information.


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Are white gold rings still popular?

Are white gold rings still popular?

White gold is one of the most commonly used metals for making rings. Whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding band, or any other ring that does not contain a special meaning, white gold is attracting more and more jewelry lovers. Here are some of the reasons why white gold rings are so fashionable and so successful.

White gold rings for timeless style

Overall, gold is a material that can be used to create a variety of styles. But while yellow gold has a more formal feel to it, white gold can be paired with any design and made into a stylish piece of jewelry. With time, you can find white gold rings with timeless style.
Regardless of new trends, white gold rings are always a good choice. You can choose to wear an elegant and discreet white gold ring for major events or everyday life.

This durable metal is attracting more and more people

People are more likely to choose rings made of white gold because it represents a good investment. There is a white gold ring for every level of budget and every style of clothing. Therefore, a white gold ring is a wise choice that will keep you happy for years to come!

White gold is an all-rounder

White gold rings are not only trendy, but they are also versatile. White gold rings with different designs are not only suitable for women, but can also be worn by men. In addition, its silvery lustre makes this metal understated and elegant, making it the wedding ring of choice for many people.
Likewise, white gold rings with moissanite are available for both men and women. Browse the many styles of white gold rings from VOOGME Jewelry and stay in style in 2022!


November 25, 2022 — Alex Wang
How to safely and painlessly remove a ring stuck on your finger?

How to safely and painlessly remove a ring stuck on your finger?

We all know what it's like to have a ring stuck in your finger that you can't pull out. Whatever the reason, a ring that is too tight can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous. You can learn how to safely and painlessly remove a stuck ring from your finger here.
It would be easy to remove the ring from your finger if you use any one of these three techniques:
  1. Raise your hand and place an ice pack on your finger
  2. Immerse your hand in the ice water, gently rotate and pull the ring at the same time.
  3. Use shampoo, body wash, butter, or other lubricants to help the ring rotate and slide out of your finger. Try not to use caustic lubricants, such as vinegar or detergents that can damage your ring.
Once you have removed the ring from your finger as described above, be sure to take care of your finger. You need:
  1. Clean your finger and disinfect any wounds that may have been caused when you removed the ring.
  2. Periodically apply ice to any swollen areas of your finger until the swelling subsides.
  3. Do not wear any rings on that finger until the wound has completely healed and all swelling has disappeared.
It is important to seek medical advice if you experience any of the following symptoms:
  1. Excessive swelling of the fingers
  2. Discoloration (fingers turn red, purple, green, or blue)
  3. Numbness occurs in the finger


November 21, 2022 — Alex Wang
What if my ring is too big?

What if my ring is too big?

  1. Wrap the line to change the size
If the ring is large, you can use a line or cling film with a close color to fill the gap between the finger and the ring to fix the ring so as not to fall off, but this way will also increase the discomfort when wearing the ring, so it can be used as a first aid solution to avoid losing the ring when it is too large.
  1. Use a smaller gasket to change the size
The gasket is made of the same metal as the original ring band to make a round gasket, placed inside the ring. This method is used to thicken the ring to make it smaller. It will not only play a role in making the ring smaller, but you only need to remove the small gasket inside the band if you want to change it back later.
  1. Cut gold to change the size

You can find professional jewelry institutions to modify, taking the appropriate part of the ring cut, removing the corresponding precious metals and then welding, and finally polishing the welding point, so that it can not see any signs of repair. This method has certain limitations. If the ring style is more complex or the material is more special, it is not suitable for this method.


  1. A different way to wear

You could wear the ring on a different finger. For example, if you originally wore a ring on your ring finger, you can wear it on your middle finger or index finger now. In addition, using the ring as a necklace pendant to wear is also very personal.


October 26, 2022 — Alex Wang
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Radiant Cut vs.Emerald Cut & Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut

Radiant Cut vs.Emerald Cut & Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut

Among the fancy-shaped moissanite, some of them look very similar in shapes, such as radiant cut and emerald cut, cushion cut, and princess cut. The following is an introduction to the difference between the four shapes of moissanite.
Radiant Cut Moissanite
The radiant cut is a square shape with cropped corners. It has a version of the Asscher cut but with facets that allow for more sparkle. The slender radiant cut moissanite creates a slender finger effect, while the shorter one goes better with petite hands.
Emerald Cut Moissanite
The emerald cut is shaped like a rectangle and has cropped corners and facets that resemble steps. As emerald gemstone usually uses this kind of cut to be crafted, this cut is named emerald cut. The emerald cut is loved for its simplicity and elegance, so moissanite with this shape is a great way to show people’s grace.
Cushion Cut Moissanite
The cushion cut is also known as an “antique cut”, with a shape that likes a pillow. Cushion-cut moissanite has rounded corners, and a larger faceting, which enhances the brilliance of the moissanite.
Princess Cut Moissanite
The faceted design of the princess cut moissanite, like the round one, is bright and colorful, with a sharp and clean look. Its brilliance and unique cut, combined with the name "princess", make it a popular choice among women. The four sharp corners of the princess-cut moissanite give it a minimalist, crisp look.


September 29, 2022 — Alex Wang
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How to maintain gold-plated silver jewelry?

How to maintain gold-plated silver jewelry?

First of all, we need to be clear that gold-plated silver jewelry has two changes on its surface: oxidation and discoloration.


The oxidation causes a layer of black material to form on the jewelry's surface, making them dull and without light. Whether you wear jewelry or not, oxidation happens all the time, and that is the characteristic of silver jewelry. The oxidation of silver jewelry is reversible, and different degrees of oxidation correspond to different restoration methods.
  • Slight Oxidation: We can simply wipe off the oxidized silver from the surface of the jewelry with a silver polishing cloth, and the jewelry will be shiny again.
Be aware:
  1. Do not often rub the gold-plated silver jewelry. This will not only destroy the gold-plated layer but also accelerates the loss of color.
  2. Silver polishing cloth is not washable. It contains polishing powder and decontamination components, so it will lose its utility after being washed. A silver polishing cloth can be used repeatedly.
  • Moderate or Heavy Oxidation: We can clean the jewelry at home even under moderate or heavy oxidation. The materials to be used are aluminum foil, hot water, and salt. There are many instructional videos on YouTube to teach you to clean, simple and easy to learn.



The discoloration will happen if oxidized jewelry is not treated promptly, that is, the plating will come off, revealing the original metal base color. Then the jewelry will need to be re-plated.


How to take care of gold-plated jewelry daily?

  • Wear it often.  Wearing a piece of jewelry is a good way to maintain it. The oil of the skin adheres to the jewelry and insulates it from oxidation by air and rain. The friction between the skin and the jewelry can also remove the oxidation adherence of the jewelry.
  • Storing it in a sealed bag will block oxidized silver when not worn.
  • Avoid wearing while bathing, soaking in hot springs, or playing at the beach. Bathing lotions, shampoos, mineral-rich water sources, and seawater can aggravate plating loss.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics, anti-sun products, and perfumes, which can produce chemical reactions with the metal to accelerate the oxidation of the plating. 
September 29, 2022 — Alex Wang
Why choose k gold jewelry?

Why choose k gold jewelry?

K gold jewelry is technically demanding and beautifully designed. Since k gold contains other precious metals in its content, it is much harder than solid gold (aka 24k gold), has better malleability, and is suitable for engraving, which contributes to many gorgeous pieces of jewelry made of k gold. Beautiful designs require a higher level of technical support. There are various kinds of complex and refined gold jewelry designs popular in the market that can only be made with k gold. Besides, k gold jewelry has several mental meanings for people. If you are interested in them, please continue to browse the following content.
  • Convey Affection with K Gold
K gold has a high degree of hardness, toughness, and shine, making the jewelry less susceptible to deformation and wear, thus allowing it to be preserved for a long time. Therefore, using k gold jewelry to be a symbol of long-lasting love is a great choice.
  • Be a Fashion Dreamer
K gold jewelry is a new style of internationally popular jewelry, representing fashion, avant-garde, quality, charm, and highlighting personality. Our jewelry is made entirely by hand, with fine craftsmanship, varied shapes, and full of style, representing a modern woman's confidence, ease, and elegance. At the same time, since our k gold jewelry has different styles and colors, it is easier to match with different colors and styles of fashion to play a better effect.
  • Lovingly Designed, Custom-Made Gold Classics

It is often said that custom fine jewelry in the jewelry industry is the haute couture in the fashion world. Our craftsmen use extraordinary craftsmanship to set gemstones for jewelry, then polish, grind, cut, and finish them to create exceptional treasures.


August 12, 2022 — Alex Wang
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Meaning of the Rings Worn on Different Fingers

Meaning of the Rings Worn on Different Fingers

Rings are relatively common ornaments, and their importance can be seen in the fact that both men and women exchange rings at the wedding site. If you are not married, you can also wear a ring, but you should pay attention to the position of wearing. Rings worn on different fingers have different meanings, do you know them all?

1. The Meaning of the Ornament Ring

You can also wear a ring for decoration for people who are not yet married or older. If the ring is worn on the thumb, it represents longevity and good fortune, commonly found in the elderly. Wearing a ring on the index finger is to tell someone that they are currently single and noble, and it also represents wealth and status. Wearing a ring on the middle finger indicates that a woman is in a relationship, and it also has the meaning of attracting wealth. Wearing a ring on the ring finger is thought to be married or to mean that it can ward off evil spirits. Many decorative rings with small diameters can be worn on the little finger, representing the state of not wanting to start a relationship.

 2. The Meaning of the Engagement Ring

Generally, engagement rings are bought by couples as a testimony of love. Many people want to know how to wear a love ring. If it is an engagement ring, it is usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand. If it is a wedding ring, it is worn on the left hand's ring finger. Nowadays, there is no rule about which finger must be used to wear an engagement ring; in fact, both the ring finger and the middle finger are allowed.


May 19, 2022 — Alex Wang
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The Origin of the Rings

The Origin of the Rings

Rings are one of the most favorite pieces of jewelry for girls. The significance of a ring to a girl is not only as a decorative piece but also as a witness of love. If you can have a ring that is customized for one person only in your lifetime, I believe you will be very surprised and attracted by this real name customized ring that is exclusively for you. And Voogme offers you just such a service of private custom-made jewelry, so please don't hesitate to contact us! If you have any questions about custom jewelry, we are here to answer them. 
On the other hand, rings are important for girls, but do you know the historical origin of rings? When it comes to rings, they are associated with love. In fact, the historical origin of rings has nothing to do with love. In ancient times, the ring was actually a symbol of power. In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh's rights were represented by a seal, but it was very inconvenient to carry the seal on his body, hence the seal was perfected and turned into a ring, which could be put on his finger, as the pharaoh could wear the ring every day. People thought it looked good to wear such a ring on their hands, so they began to imitate it, and it gradually evolved into a woman's jewelry.
In addition to the Pharaoh's seal, the historical origin of the ring has another theory that the ring originated from Prometheus' chains. This origin comes from an ancient Greek myth. Legend has it that Prometheus found punishment from the gods for stealing fire for mankind - gods tied Prometheus to a mountain and sent eagles to peck at Prometheus' entrails. After Haghekelis rescued Prometheus, the original chains that were tied to Prometheus could not be taken off, so they became Prometheus' ring. It has been passed down since then, and slowly evolved into a woman's jewelry. It is precise because of this legend that the ring has the meaning of mutual maintenance.


May 13, 2022 — Alex Wang
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