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How to design your jewelry?

Jun 22,2022 | VOOGME

VOOGME offers custom service if you are going to find a piece of unique jewelry for yourself. Let us show you the process of designing custom jewelry!
First of all, you should know what kind of jewelry you want. Send us a picture or sentences of a description of the jewelry you need to customize, which also indicate the carats of the stone, size of your custom ring (if applicable), type of metal (10k/14k/18k white/yellow/rose gold or platinum), and the price range you can accept. Then, we will respond to you via email within 24 hours with a price for the item that matches your expectations as closely as possible. You should be aware of the email address you left must be correct. Furthermore, if you are not sure what kind of custom look you want for your jewelry, please check out our design work at Custom Jewelry to learn more about design inspiration.
After you get the quote, please let us know whether you are satisfied with the price or not. If yes, one of our representatives will send you the invoice via email and the order will be placed once you complete the payment. Next, our jewelry designers will be going to confirm the item information to make a rendering by using the CAD (computer-aided design) software. We will send you the CAD rendering of the item subsequently for reconfirmation. If you are happy with the rendering, we will start making the item; if not, we will continue to revise it.
What you should be noticed is custom jewelry requires 10-20 days to craft. When your order is over US$400, we will ship your item free of charge via business express, which usually takes 6-9 days.
Finally, you get the custom jewelry after weeks of waiting! Then you get to enjoy your exclusive custom piece for a lifetime!