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What if my ring is too big?

Oct 07,2022 | VOOGME

  1. Wrap the line to change the size

If the ring is large, you can use a line or cling film with a close color to fill the gap between the finger and the ring to fix the ring so as not to fall off, but this way will also increase the discomfort when wearing the ring, so it can be used as a first aid solution to avoid losing the ring when it is too large.

  1. Use a smaller gasket to change the size

The gasket is made of the same metal as the original ring band to make a round gasket, placed inside the ring. This method is used to thicken the ring to make it smaller. It will not only play a role in making the ring smaller, but you only need to remove the small gasket inside the band if you want to change it back later.

  1. Cut gold to change the size

You can find professional jewelry institutions to modify, taking the appropriate part of the ring cut, removing the corresponding precious metals and then welding, and finally polishing the welding point, so that it can not see any signs of repair. This method has certain limitations. If the ring style is more complex or the material is more special, it is not suitable for this method.


  1. A different way to wear

You could wear the ring on a different finger. For example, if you originally wore a ring on your ring finger, you can wear it on your middle finger or index finger now. In addition, using the ring as a necklace pendant to wear is also very personal.