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Which jewelry pieces are must haves for women?

Sep 29,2022 | VOOGME

While women are not necessarily the only ones who can wear jewelry, they are still the mainstay of collections of all kinds of beautiful jewelry. Jewelry collections evolve with fashion, and new trends emerge every year. It is not uncommon to find situations where one season a minimalist style is popular and the next season it immediately becomes the domain of exaggerated style jewelry.
But what are the timeless style essentials that every woman should have in her jewelry collection? VOOGME is here to list them for you.

Moissanite Stud Earrings

Moissanite studs are known to be a must-have piece of jewelry. They have a refined look that can be combined with almost every type of style of your outfit. Choose from gold or platinum for a timeless look or silver for a more stylish look. Whatever you prefer, moissanite stud earrings will make a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Moissanite Hoop Earrings

Moissanite hoop earrings are undoubtedly a beautiful piece of jewelry that can catch the eye of everyone. These hoop earrings made of white or yellow gold have been popular since a long time. Today, designers are also using rose gold for a more modern look. Hoop earrings are usually slim and decorated with sparkling stones, like moissanite and diamonds.

Tennis Bracelet

Although the name of this bracelet (tennis bracelet) may seem unattractive, it has been considered a classic accessory since the old days. Why is it called a tennis bracelet? The real fame came in 1978 at the US Open Tennis Championships when tennis player Chris Evert accidentally dropped a diamond bracelet from her hand while playing. She immediately asked to be suspended from the tennis court to look for the bracelet. 

Evert's incident brought tennis bracelets to national attention and led to a sharp rise in sales of these bracelets, and the name "tennis bracelet" has since taken root in people's minds. This is the origin of tennis bracelets, which have always been popular because of their elegant shape and interesting story. The design of these bracelets is not only simple but It is also flexible in the way it can be worn. Thanks to its linear arrangement, it fits gently on the wrist and is comfortable to wear daily.