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The Origin of the Rings

May 13,2022 | VOOGME

Rings are one of the most favorite pieces of jewelry for girls. The significance of a ring to a girl is not only as a decorative piece but also as a witness of love. If you can have a ring that is customized for one person only in your lifetime, I believe you will be very surprised and attracted by this real name customized ring that is exclusively for you. And Voogme offers you just such a service of private custom-made jewelry, so please don't hesitate to contact us. If you have any questions about custom jewelry, we are here to answer them. 
On the other hand, rings are important for girls, but do you know the historical origin of rings? When it comes to rings, they are associated with love. In fact, the historical origin of rings has nothing to do with love. In ancient times, the ring was actually a symbol of power. In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh's rights were represented by a seal, but it was very inconvenient to carry the seal on his body, hence the seal was perfected and turned into a ring, which could be put on his finger, as the pharaoh could wear the ring every day. People thought it looked good to wear such a ring on their hands, so they began to imitate it, and it gradually evolved into a woman's jewelry.
In addition to the Pharaoh's seal, the historical origin of the ring has another theory that the ring originated from Prometheus' chains. This origin comes from an ancient Greek myth. Legend has it that Prometheus found punishment from the gods for stealing fire for mankind - gods tied Prometheus to a mountain and sent eagles to peck at Prometheus' entrails. After Haghekelis rescued Prometheus, the original chains that were tied to Prometheus could not be taken off, so they became Prometheus' ring. It has been passed down since then, and slowly evolved into a woman's jewelry. It is precise because of this legend that the ring has the meaning of mutual maintenance.