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Meaning of the Rings Worn on Different Fingers

May 19,2022 | VOOGME

Rings are relatively common ornaments, and their importance can be seen in the fact that both men and women exchange rings at the wedding site. If you are not married, you can also wear a ring, but you should pay attention to the position of wearing. Rings worn on different fingers have different meanings, do you know them all?

1. The Meaning of the Ornament Ring

You can also wear a ring for decoration for people who are not yet married or older. If the ring is worn on the thumb, it represents longevity and good fortune, commonly found in the elderly. Wearing a ring on the index finger is to tell someone that they are currently single and noble, and it also represents wealth and status. Wearing a ring on the middle finger indicates that a woman is in a relationship, and it also has the meaning of attracting wealth. Wearing a ring on the ring finger is thought to be married or to mean that it can ward off evil spirits. Many decorative rings with small diameters can be worn on the little finger, representing the state of not wanting to start a relationship.

 2. The Meaning of the Engagement Ring

Generally, engagement rings are bought by couples as a testimony of love. Many people want to know how to wear a love ring. If it is an engagement ring, it is usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand. If it is a wedding ring, it is worn on the left hand's ring finger. Nowadays, there is no rule about which finger must be used to wear an engagement ring; in fact, both the ring finger and the middle finger are allowed.