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Ancient Greek Jewelry

May 24,2022 | VOOGME

Homeric epics repeatedly mentioned Mycenae as "golden", and the jewelry found in Mycenae is mostly gold. There are gold crowns, gold masks, gold necklaces, gold rings, gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold forehead ornaments, etc., of which the most elaborate production of gold crowns. In addition to gold jewelry, there are also alabaster and agate necklaces, amber necklaces, crystal beads, and so on.
The democratic system of ancient Greek slavery was the social basis for the prosperity of arts and crafts. Ancient Greek pottery and Chinese bronzes of slave societies also belong to the arts and crafts of slave societies, but ancient Chinese bronzes are full of majesty, while Greek pottery is full of light and lively style. This is mainly because of the unique democratic system of Greece. Compared with the autocratic system of slavery in the East, the creativity of the ancient Greeks was less suppressed, and the labor of the artisans was more valued.
The imaginative Greek mythology was the spiritual resource for the prosperity of ancient Greek arts and crafts. Without Greek mythology, the colorful Greek art would not have been possible, which was determined by the Greek pantheistic religious thought. Therefore, Greek mythology is the sum of ancient Greek stories about leaders and heroes, with a certain "democratic" and "humanistic" ideology.
On the one hand, the Greek gods can be said to be human beings with typical human nature, they are just people who are powerful and cannot die. On the other hand, people in the reality can also have the character of gods, and there is no insurmountable gap between them. The Greeks' belief in gods was nothing more than an affirmation of real human beings. Hence, their view of life was optimistic, and they clung to the belief that man is the head of all things.