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How to maintain gold-plated silver jewelry?

Aug 30,2022 | VOOGME

First of all, we need to be clear that gold-plated silver jewelry has two changes on its surface: oxidation and discoloration.


The oxidation causes a layer of black material to form on the jewelry's surface, making them dull and without light. Whether you wear jewelry or not, oxidation happens all the time, and that is the characteristic of silver jewelry. The oxidation of silver jewelry is reversible, and different degrees of oxidation correspond to different restoration methods.

  • Slight Oxidation: We can simply wipe off the oxidized silver from the surface of the jewelry with a silver polishing cloth, and the jewelry will be shiny again.

Be aware:

  1. Do not often rub the gold-plated silver jewelry. This will not only destroy the gold-plated layer but also accelerates the loss of color.
  2. Silver polishing cloth is not washable. It contains polishing powder and decontamination components, so it will lose its utility after being washed. A silver polishing cloth can be used repeatedly.
  • Moderate or Heavy Oxidation: We can clean the jewelry at home even under moderate or heavy oxidation. The materials to be used are aluminum foil, hot water, and salt. There are many instructional videos on YouTube to teach you to clean, simple and easy to learn.







The discoloration will happen if oxidized jewelry is not treated promptly, that is, the plating will come off, revealing the original metal base color. Then the jewelry will need to be re-plated.


How to take care of gold-plated jewelry daily?

  • Wear it often.  Wearing a piece of jewelry is a good way to maintain it. The oil of the skin adheres to the jewelry and insulates it from oxidation by air and rain. The friction between the skin and the jewelry can also remove the oxidation adherence of the jewelry.
  • Storing it in a sealed bag will block oxidized silver when not worn.
  • Avoid wearing while bathing, soaking in hot springs, or playing at the beach. Bathing lotions, shampoos, mineral-rich water sources, and seawater can aggravate plating loss.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics, anti-sun products, and perfumes, which can produce chemical reactions with the metal to accelerate the oxidation of the plating.