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Radiant Cut vs.Emerald Cut & Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut

Sep 16,2022 | VOOGME

Among the fancy-shaped moissanite, some of them look very similar in shapes, such as radiant cut and emerald cut, cushion cut, and princess cut. The following is an introduction to the difference between the four shapes of moissanite.
Radiant Cut Moissanite
The radiant cut is a square shape with cropped corners. It has a version of the Asscher cut but with facets that allow for more sparkle. The slender radiant cut moissanite creates a slender finger effect, while the shorter one goes better with petite hands.
Emerald Cut Moissanite
The emerald cut is shaped like a rectangle and has cropped corners and facets that resemble steps. As emerald gemstone usually uses this kind of cut to be crafted, this cut is named emerald cut. The emerald cut is loved for its simplicity and elegance, so moissanite with this shape is a great way to show people’s grace.
Cushion Cut Moissanite
The cushion cut is also known as an “antique cut”, with a shape that likes a pillow. Cushion-cut moissanite has rounded corners, and a larger faceting, which enhances the brilliance of the moissanite.
Princess Cut Moissanite
The faceted design of the princess cut moissanite, like the round one, is bright and colorful, with a sharp and clean look. Its brilliance and unique cut, combined with the name "princess", make it a popular choice among women. The four sharp corners of the princess-cut moissanite give it a minimalist, crisp look.